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Catherine DiSanti
Doctor Of Audiology

[email protected]


“The most rewarding part of being an Audiologist is witnessing someone regain a part of their life that they did not know the were missing.” Catherine DiSanti, is a board-certified, licensed Doctor of Audiology with 24 years of experience in both diagnostic audiology and hearing aid dispensing. Dr. DiSanti graduated from State University of NY at Fredonia with a Bachelor of Science in Hearing and Speech Sciences and a Masters of Art in Audiology at University of Maryland. She received her clinical doctorate from Arizona School of Health Sciences. Dr. DiSanti specializes in hearing aid counseling and fitting state-of-the-art hearing aid technology in children and adults. Living with hearing loss herself, Dr. DiSanti believes that the sense of hearing provides a primary connection to the world, and wants to minimize the feeling of isolation, embarrassment and detachment a person who has hearing loss can experience. Dr. DiSanti practices at our Columbia location.