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Patient Testimonials

"I went to see Dr. DiSanti for hearing testing and for hearing aid recommendations. I was seen almost immediately. The waiting room is very clean and organized. I was greeted very nicely. I am very impressed with Dr. DiSanti. She is very warm and friendly, and set me right at ease. She thoroughly tested my hearing in both ears, and answered any questions I had. After the testing, we went to her office. She recommended hearing aids, and again took all the time I needed to get my questions answered. This was done without making me feel rushed. I purchased the recommended hearing aids. I have been very pleased with them. She has me coming in about every two weeks to make adjustments and answer questions. I can without reservation recommend Dr. DiSanti. She is a real find!"
S. Gordon, taken from her review on Angie's List

"Dear Debbie [Dr. Lazas Miller],

Thank you for all of your help with my ears. I am truly happy with everything. Don't even know I have hearing aids!

You are the best,

A. Waters

Dear Dr. Kaplan:

Thank you so very much for your excellent care. The hearing aids are going great in my apartment. The volume for my television is "half" or less.

P.S. - Looking forward to my next appointment! "

Sincerely, E. Veltre

"Dear Ron,

I wanted to let you know that Ivy is thrilled with the adjustments you made! The night after out appointment, Ivy was brushing her teeth and burst out of the bathroom to announce that the water was making noise coming out of the faucet. She was so excited! All night she kept signing, "I didn't know water made noise before! I didn't know that!" And she'd laugh! She was so giddy!

The next day, she heared the phone ring...the expression on her face told me she was definitely hearing it for the first time! She's very proud of her new ability.

Thank you, Ron, for all your support."


Y. Brach for Ivy Brach

"Wearing my old hearing aids, my hearing was difficult. Today, I received my new hearing aids, just in time for my guest who was coming to lunch. We had lunch in the dining room(patient lives in a retirement community) and I heard every word she said!!

My voice sounded normal, restoring my confidence. We talked with other voices around, and I had no trouble hearing and responding. After lunch, we walked and talked through the 2ndfloor lounge and I heard what she was saying!!!! In my apartment, we had a three-way conversation—not once did I miss a question!! I felt more normal than I have in months! My own voice was better, I sounded like myself. Hurrah!

Dr. Kaplan, thank you for doing whatever you did. I am overjoyed to have my hearing aids working so well. I feel like a human being again—able to hear and respond!

I really appreciate your kind attention—and time—listening to my problems and implementing results. Thank you!"

Most sincerely, R. K.

"I will always be grateful to Dr. Lazas for all her care—and for giving my dad some hearing in his right ear—what a gift! And to Dr. Kaplan, too, for all his special care. But most importantly, everyone in your office always treated Dad with kindness, warmth, & respect that I will never forget. You all are very special people. God bless you always."

Love, Barbara M.

Thank so much for outstanding service, I recommend this group very much especially Debby Miller she is such a professional and a very nice lady.

I can't say enough about the personal attention I received from Dr. Kaplan. I was not thrilled about having to get hearing aides because of a mild hearing loss, but Dr. Kaplan made sure my new aides were perfectly suited to my needs. He let me use his trial hearing aides for a month with no commitment and spent so much time fine tuning the aides to meet my specific needs. I ended up loving them and nobody can even tell I have them on. I hear much better and am so happy I made the decision to get them. Dr. Kaplan is passionate about his work, and really cares about his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Kaplan. Mm P.Columbia, MD

I've been going to the Kaplan Hearing Center for several years now. Dr Ron Kaplan is incredible. He listens to me and all my concerns, is compassionate and caring. His diagnoses is always right on target. I've needed hearing aids for years but was reluctant to get them. I figured I'm 59, I hear what I want to hear and so I didn't consider getting anything to help. Dr Kaplan said to me early this year to please reconsider the hearing aids. That and my wife's insistence that I try them, got me started.

As soon as I put them on and Dr Kaplan was programming them I started hearing sounds I've never ever heard before. I feel like a new person being able the hear rain drops, birds singing and now not asking my wife "what" all the time. Dr Kaplan changed my quality of life in amazing ways. It is incredible hearing so much of what I've been missing for decades. They are so small you can't even notice them. I am so incredibly appreciative to The Kaplan Hearing Center, Dr Ron Kaplan and his phenomenal staff. My wife noticed the change immediately, as did my friends. Do yourself a favor and see Dr Kaplan and you also will hear sounds and conversation you've been missing out on. You will wish you did it years ago. My immediate reaction was "wow...this is so cool". My wife is very very happy that she now doesn't have to repeat what's being said on TV, at a movie or just talking with friends. I highly recommend Dr Ron Kaplan and all he did to improve my quality of life in a huge way. Thank you ...Thank You....Thank You.

Dean M. Owings Mills

Dr. Kaplan is the most kind, concerned and persistent doctor I've ever encountered. He was determined to help me get over my vertigo and went out of his way, even calling me at 9:15pm to see how I was doing. I would recommend him and his team to anyone!

Theresa G. Columbia, MD

I had a wonderful experience with Dr Ron Kaplan. I was visiting from the West Coast. The tips of my Phonak hearing aids had become very uncomfortable. I found Kaplan Hearing Center in Columbia on the web, called, explained the issue and they suggested I come right over. Dr Ron Kaplan greeted me cordially, fixed my problem. He refused payment and, to boot, gave me additional replacement tips as a back-up. I was so taken with his kindness, and the responsiveness and friendliness of his receptionist. Business with a heart, an unbeatable combination.

Athena M. San Francisco, CA

Sending a special thanks to the whole staff at Kaplan Hearing Center. They have been so wonderful to my 15 yr old who recently learned about her hearing loss. They make her feel so special every time she comes in their office. With the purchase of the M-dex today will open even more doors for her. Always look forward to our next appointment. Robin M.

Ron is wonderful and has become a friend. He knows his stuff!

Perry B.

Dr. Miller is top notch! I have been hearing impaired my entire life, and she gets my hearing loss and knows how to help me better than any of my previous audiologists. Wendy McAfee Casker

Dr. Kaplan and his staff are very friendly and helpful. It took me 84 years to get hearing aids and I am glad I did. I wasn't thrilled to go but got pressured by my family, they got frustrated by having to repeat what they said to me 50 times for me to hear them. I heard better as soon as I put them in however didn't wear them when I was at home. When I went for a hearing aid check, Dr. Kaplan could see that I wasn't wearing them all day. He told me that my brain has to get use to them. I guess i'm pretty obedient because I wear them all day now and he was right. My kids bought my a telephone that worked with my hearing aids and I love it! The office even mails me free batteries so I don't have drive there. I would highly recommend them!!!!

Barbara R.

Hi Ron,

I just want to thank you for your assistance you have provided for me and my father in law. I know I can count on you with my hearing needs. You are always courteous and responsive. Both you and your staff provide "outstanding customer service" Thanks again for the continued great service you provide me and others.

Jeff C.

Dear Debby,

I want to thank you for caring about my hearing aid. I am doing well, I went to the hearing aid center on Garfield in my neighborhood, and had my aids cleaned, but there is no one as nice and caring as you are. I hope all is well with you. I will see you when I come back to MD.

Ilse R.

I am so grateful for all you have done for my dad and for how kindly ALL of you treat him (some people-even "professionals" are not so nice to him.) We are truly blessed to have found you.

Barbara M.

Dear Dr. Lazas,

I would like to thank you for taking the time a few weeks ago to check out my mother's hearing aids. It was so very nice of you to fit us in and offer us such practical advice. Unfortunately, my mother passed away a few days later. Nevertheless, your kindness was much appreciated by our family. Thanks again.

Su D.

Dear Dr. Kaplan,

Thank you so very much for your excellent care. The hearing aids are going great in my apartment. The volume for my television is "half" or less. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Eleanor V.

To Dr. Ron Kaplan:

Roses love sunshine, violets love dew. I am sitting here wondering what I can do. I am losing my hearing and that is not good.

When a very loud voice came out and said I can help you.

And he made it come true, he is Ron Kaplan my Doctor of Audiology and my good friend too!

Al M.

Dr. DeSanti,

You make a difference. You run so hard and so fast every time I see you, and although you are always rushing, you never rush a patient. I must reiterate what I said to you in passing, because it makes the difference between things going well and things going catastrophically: you are worth the wait. It's taken several years of learning, surgeries and advocacy to get this far. I get so tired that sometimes I need doctor downtime, but I am always so excited to see you, because giving up is simply never in question. Regard and attention are a precious quality, and I wish I could say I saw it everywhere. Have a nice day, and thank you for being you, which keeps the "care" in health care.


Dear Debby,

I want to thank you for caring about my hearing aid. I am doing well, I went to the hearing aid center on Garfield in my neighborhood and had my hearing aids cleaned, but there is no one as nice and caring as you are. I hope all is well with you. I will see you when I come back to MD.

Ilse R.

Dear Ron:

I feel very lucky that you were in the office and able to fix my hearing aid when my daughter came by. I was in the hospital and having a hard time without it. I really appreciate your help in repairing it. Thanks a million!

Betty E.


I just wanted to let you know that I have arrived home from my deployment to the Middle East and that it went well by and large. All of my parts are still intact and my hearing is no worse than when you examined me last December. I want to thank you for your assistance in making my deployment happen; without you I would not have had the opportunity to serve again.

Sincerely, Timothy M.

We are moving out of the area and before I go I want to send a word of praise for Cheryl Krissoff. She's been an excellent audiologist, but what I especially like is how easy it is to talk with her. Our meetings have always been productive.

Marvin S.

Dear Dr. Kaplan,

Thank you so very much for all your patience and kindness over the past couple of years. You have helped me overcome my fears and opened more of the world to me.

Madlyn S.

Dear Dr. Kaplan,

It is with regret and sadness that I have to tell you my Dad passed away this past Saturday. Although we only met in person one time at your office, I got the essence of your caring and compassion as a health professional. You worked with my dad beyond the call of duty to see that he could hear with the help of hearing aids. Although he wasn't the most cooperative patient at times, he spoke very highly of you and your visits to his room. I was privy to the numerous emails from my sisters about your efforts and all the subtleties to get the hearing aids working and maintain them working.

You can rest assured that your efforts did not go in vain as he was wearing them when he passed away and batteries were changed 3 days before. On behalf of our family, we want to thank you again and wish you a healthy and happy New Year.

Irv S.

Dr. Kaplan,

I would like to thank you very much for replacing the failed receiver in my right hearing aid last week so quickly....and at no cost to boot! I really appreciate your expertise....and your kindness.

Tom L.